The Cooper School Daily

Soaring Third Graders !!!


Our Third Grade writers have been working diligently to write their own fairy tale adaptations. Students were able to choose any fairy tale that they wanted and create their own adaptation of it. Currently, we’re working on typing up our first drafts of our fairy tales, but we’re looking forward to presenting our adaptations to the class soon!

Social Studies

This week our scholars started a new Social Studies unit. Our students are learning all about South Carolina. Students were able to describe where they live from continent, to country, to state, to city. Students were even so excited to share what city they reside in. 

Lowcountry Food Bank

On Wednesday students had a special guest from the Lowcountry Food Bank visit to talk about their organization. The Lowcountry Food Bank was selected this year for our tribute poem for Pass It On. Scholars were ecstatic to hear all about the ways they help people in need with food items. TCS will be hosting a food drive to help The Lowcountry Food Bank during Pass it On! 

Important Dates   

  • April 24th – Spring Choir Concert – 1:45 pm – 2:20 pm
  • April 27th- “Sparkle” Spring Gala and Auction 
  • May 9th – Pass it On 5pm @ Scottish Rite (11:30 Dismissal)