The Cooper School Daily

Spring Break Is Here !!!


This week in math our scholars have been working on equivalent fractions. Our mathematicians have been learning to see that different fractions can be equivalent if they are the same size of the same whole. Third graders worked very hard this week by using shaded diagrams to help them generate equivalent fractions including fractions greater than 1. Ask your scholar to show you some examples of these fractions.   


This week in science scholars continued our motion and matters unit. Scholars focused on patterns of motion this week and were able to make their very own wheel and axle system. Students first built a ramp using cardboard and clothespins and then were able to build an axle using circle disks and shafts. Third graders were excited to race these axles down their ramps and see how the different sizes of disks affected speed!

Artists of the Month  

Our Third Grade artists were so proud to be a part of the Artist of the Month series alongside their 6th grade peers and kindergarten buddies. In art class, Scholars worked with Miss Henslee to capture true qualities in themselves to produce a self portrait along with a personal piece of art that was meaningful to them. The audience was able to stroll through the art gallery and read each Artists’ statement explaining their artwork, what they used to create it, and why it’s meaningful to them.      

Important Dates  

  • March 25th – April 1st – Spring Break (No School) 
  • April 10th- Spread the Word (Middle School Writing Presentation) 11:30 Dismissal for all students
  • April 27th- “Sparkle” Spring Gala and Auction