The Cooper School Daily

Spring Has Sprung!

Our brave mathematicians have spent the week investigating the wonderful world of graphing. Students worked together to collect and organize data. They then got to practice showing this information on a pictograph. These brave scholars spent time graphing information to learn even more about their classmates. Kindergartners continue to impress us with their passion for learning!

Haikus to Celebrate Spring
This week, Kinder-Poets learned about the wonderful world of haiku! These brave writers learned that this poetry style is from Japan and these poems are made up of three lines that can be said in one breath. We learned that haikus are written about nature so Kindergarteners were thrilled to welcome spring with haikus all about the arrival of spring! 

Celebratory Movie!
Kindergarteners were so excited (and a little sad) to finish up Charlotte’s Web. Students fell in love with this beautiful tale of friendship. To celebrate, students were so excited to get to see Charlotte and Wilbur on screen. Kindergarteners loved seeing some of their favorite parts from the book almost as much as they loved pointing out the things that were changed for the movie!

Important Dates:
March 25th – April 1st – Spring Break (No School)
April 10th – Spread the Word (Middle School Writing Event) (11:30 Dismissal)
April 27th – SPARKLE – Spring Auction & Gala