The Cooper School Daily

TCS Parent Spotlight: Alice LoGuidice (Kindergarten & Grade 2 Parent)

1.  What were you looking for in a school?
We primarily were searching for a school that felt like an extension of our family.  We wanted a space where our children would feel comfortable, be challenged but also supported them through honest conversations and mutual respect.  We wanted our busy boys to have a lot of outdoor time as well.

2.  Why did you choose The Cooper School?

We chose The Cooper School for our children because it offered a unique experience in which our children would have the utmost support for their social-emotional learning.  We believe strongly that children learn best when they are allowed to and encouraged to play, to explore their own interests and when they feel heard.  The Cooper School follows all of these principles.  

3.  Now that you are here, what do you like most about it?
Now that we have been at The Cooper School for several years, it’s hard to state what I like the MOST, but if I try, what I like most is that my kids are supported in their social development in a way that other schools just do not do.  When they have conflict, are afraid, nervous etc., their peers and teachers and staff help them through this.  As a parent, I know I cannot always be there to wipe every tear, to push them when they need a nudge or help them when a friend hurts them or they hurt a friend, but The Cooper School helps me feel like I can be there.  I also LOVE that The Cooper School teaches our children to be good stewards to our environment.  

4.  What do you wish you could tell prospective parents about TCS?
The Cooper School is just a very very special school.  If you want an environment that will engage your child in a unique way, teach them about empathy, conflict resolution, help foster their interests, push them academically AND allows them to play outside and OFTEN, this is the school for you.  Also if you want to be involved, to have great communication with the teachers and staff, it is a great choice.