The Cooper School Daily

The Luck Of Third Grade !!!


Continuing with our poetry unit, students spent the week building their poetry portfolios. Third Graders continued to discuss poetry tools like repetition, rhythm, and alliteration and spent the week applying it to their writing. Some began composing poems based on their newly discovered tools, while others have taken the chance to revise past works. We are so impressed and enthralled by our poetic Third Grade class!   


This week in math our scholars focused on locating unit fractions on the number line. Students were able to partition the intervals 0 to 1. Scholars were then able to locate non-unit fractions and unit fractions on the number line. Third Graders are moving on to learning fractions located at whole numbers. Our mathematicians are soaring in this fraction unit.   


This week in science scholars continued our Motion and Matter unit. Third graders focused on identifying forces. Scholars did a fun experiment where they had to apply force to the opposite side of a chair so that it wouldn’t move. Third graders learned the difference between a balanced force and an unbalanced force. We are loving this unit so much so far!

Important Dates  

  • March 22nd – K, 3rd, & 6th Grade Artist of the Month (8:15-9:00 am) 
  • March 25th – April 1st – Spring Break (No School)