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Third Grade Artists

Artists of the Month  

Our Third Grade artists were so proud to be a part of the Artist of the Month series alongside their 6th grade peers. In art class, Scholars worked with Miss Henslee to capture true qualities in themselves to produce a self portrait along with a personal piece of art that was meaningful to them. The audience was able to stroll through the art gallery and read each Artists’ statement explaining their artwork, what they used to create it, and why it’s meaningful to them.     


This week in math scholars dove into fractions. Scholars have been enjoying this new unit so far. Scholars were able to partition paper strips into halves, fourths, eighths, thirds and sixths. Third graders were able to understand how non-unit fractions are made out of unit fractions. We ended this week’s math by playing a fun fraction match game. We can’t wait to dig deeper into fractions with our class.


Students began an experiment using seeds this week! On Monday, students created a sprouter to test to see what seeds will do when given the water and sunlight necessary for growth, but not planted in soil. Each day, students have observed and recorded their findings in changes of a sunflower seed, a bush bean, and pea seeds. Each day, the seeds are soaked in water! We can’t wait to see how they change! 

Important Dates:

March 28th-April 1st – Spring Break (No School)

April 15th-18th – April Break (No School)