The Cooper School Daily

Third Grade Fun !!


This week in Reading we started our unit on Asian folktales! We learned the common characteristics of folklore and dove deeper into Asian folklore. We have learned to identify the setting in folklore stories and have been paying close attention to the characters in our stories. Readers used the thinking job, “What lesson/moral does this story teach me?” and, “What natural event does this explain?” in all of the new Asian folktales that we are reading.    


This week in math our mathematicians began working on a new unit. Our scholars are beginning to dig deep into the world of division. Our scholars learned how to interpret division expressions. Our students mainly focused this week on division groups and matching situations with division problems. We can’t wait to explore this unit deeper!   

Social Studies

Third Graders were excited to start their Asia study in Social Studies this week. To kick off our study, students looked at and learned to identify Asia on a world map. Students began to study the many biomes of Asia, starting with the grasslands and had the opportunity to illustrate the many attributes of these dry areas of the continent. 

Important Dates  

  • January 15- MLK Day (No School)
  • January 17- Cooper Clusters (no uniform this day)