The Cooper School Daily

Third Grade News


This week in Reading Third Graders spent some time researching Asian animals. We focused on pandas, elephants, and tigers. Students were able to choose one of the three animal choices and learn more about them by researching using books.  We love getting to see all of the passion and joy students put into their learning!


In preparation for Valentine’s Day Third Graders spent a good bit of time considering what it is about each of their classmates that they appreciate. This week in Writing students completed their first drafts of compliments for each of their classmates. Students have begun working on their final drafts of each of these notes to be compiled into a book to be delivered to their classmates on Valentine’s Day. Third Graders have loved the opportunity to show their appreciation for their friends!

Social Studies

This week students were ready to begin research on their chosen topics for our Asia Study. Using chosen websites,  students began going online to read up on any piece of information they could find on their topic. Topic selections range from Panda Sanctuaries, to Kung Fu, to dragons, to China’s Olympic Stadiums, and many more. Third Graders have been so excited to share all of their discoveries and cannot wait to share them with you in their presentations!

Important Dates:

·           February 13th – Bake Sale

·           February 14th – Valentine’s Day Concert (1:30pm)

·           February 17th – February Break (No School)

·           February 20th – Chinese Acrobats Field Trip

·           February 24th – Asia Presentation