The Cooper School Daily

What a Week!

Writing to Show & Tell!
This week, young writers were thrilled to build upon their knowledge of show and tell writing by turning our classroom into a book factory! Students spent time writing show and tell pattern books about the people, places, and things that matter to them! Writing energy was high as students wrote show and tell  books that they wanted to share with their classmates.

Bye Bye Butterflies
Kindergarteners have been investigating the life cycle of butterflies with a focus on the incredible monarch migration to Mexico. Young scientists have been eagerly awaiting and observing as our butterflies complete their magical metamorphosis. At the end of last week, we were thrilled to find some of our classroom butterflies waiting to greet us, with beautiful wings ready to fly! After a couple more days over the weekend, and some time in The Cooper School green house, all of our butterflies were ready to begin their new adventures! Kindergarteners were thrilled to release our butterfly friends by sending them off with well wishes for their journey. These sweet friends thanked the butterflies for allowing us to observe them and sent them to fly the beautiful skies with words of love and kindness.

Students were overjoyed this week to attend one of their favorite specials, Yoga with Ms. Stacy. We value this part of our week as students find time to center themselves in a busy school day. Students returned to class excited to tell us all about their favorite yoga poses and how much they love spending mornings calming their spirits in Yoga.

Important Dates:
October 31st – Halloween Carnival (11:30am Dismissal)
November 1st – Teacher Workday (No School)
November 4th – Pumpkin Presentation (2:00pm)
November 7th-8th – Parent/Teacher Conferences (11:30am Dismissal)
November 18th – Harvest Festival (11:30am Dismissal)
November 21st-25th – Thanksgiving Break (No School)