The Cooper School Daily

Where Did January Go?

100th Day Planning
With our 100th day of school just around the corner (January 31st), students spent time this week discussing and planning for the upcoming celebration. Students were so excited to take a peek at photos of our 100-year-old Kindergarteners from last year as well as their collections of 100 things. Students were so inspired that we decided to create a list of items great for collecting 100 of, as well as those that would probably not be ideal. Kindergarteners had so many great ideas! But we all agreed: no live animals or anything stinky!

Come on Down to Blend Town!
Students built on their understanding of the letter r this week and were introduced to the magical world of consonant blends! These brave readers and writers spent the week learning that sometimes readers and writers have to blend sounds together to solve tricky words. We identified common consonant -r blends that come at the beginning of words including: -cr, -gr,-tr, -fr, -dr and -pr. Once we learned about these -r blends we started to notice many other consonant blends everywhere we looked! We even found some blends with 3 letters. Reading is so fun!

Polar Biome
Students were so excited to snap on their snow boots this week to explore the Polar Biome. Students investigated the flora of the biome, and determined that plant life has a hard time growing in these cold conditions! Kindergarteners read all about different animals in the biome and how they keep themselves warm. Our class took a special interest in the aurora borealis. Our minds were blown to learn that it can be almost any color of the rainbow!

Important Dates:
January 31st – 100th Day of School
February 14th – Valentine’s Day Bingo, Book Fair and Bake Sale
February 19th-20th – February Break (No School)