The Cooper School Daily

Wonderful Week

Hidden Partners in Numbers
Our brave mathematicians have spent the week decomposing numbers to find hidden partners inside of them. Students worked with partners and number cubes to practice finding two parts that make up their whole number. Partner 1 placed a stack of counting cubes behind their back and split them in half. Using one half of the stack, Partner 2 had to work to solve how many blocks were behind their partner’s back! Kindergartners continue to impress us with their passion for learning!

The Fun & Fancy World of Figurative Language
This week, Kindergarteners investigated a figurative language device known as alliteration. Alliteration is when a specific letter sound is repeated in the beginning of several words. Kindergarten poets listened to poems read with alliteration and even created their own alliteration as they wrote poetry. Kindergarten poets know that using figurative language devices helps to lift their poems up a notch!

Charlotte’s Web
Students have spent this week joining Wilbur and Charlotte down on the farm. These brave scholars have applied all that they know about setting and characters to discuss our newest Read Aloud, all about the unlikely friendship between a spider and a pig. We are loving getting to share this timeless classic with our Kinderbuddies.

Important Dates:
March 22nd – K, 3rd, & 6th Grade Artist of the Month (8:15-9:00 am)
March 25th – April 1st – Spring Break (No School)
April 10th – Spread the Word (Middle School Writing Event) (11:30 Dismissal)
April 27th – SPARKLE – Spring Auction & Gala