The Cooper School Daily

Writing Long and Strong!

image1Writer’s Workshop

Kindergarten writers have been working on several skills this week. They are learning how to visualize a picture in their minds of what they want to write about and then put it on paper. They have learned that in writing: “When you are done, you have just begun” Writers have used this strategy to add more details to their pictures, add to their words, or start a new piece during workshop time. Writers know that they are the “boss” of their writing and that they decide where to go with each piece. The Kindergarteners have developed their own club of writers called “The Epic Writers!” Ask your child all about the “epic” writing they are creating during Writer’s Workshop?


In vocabulary this week we read the book, It Takes A Village by Jane Cowen-Fletcher. The students were exposed through in context the following rich vocabulary words: responsible, restless, searching, support, vendor, and wandered. Your word wizards were able to come up with great examples for each word, relating them to their everyday lives. For example, in the story, the family goes to the market where they sell their goods. The students were able to use their experiences and prior knowledge to relate and compare the African market to the farmer’s market in downtown Charleston. Your observant kindergartener noticed the many similarities between the two settings, making the vocabulary come to life.

IMG_0579Learning Centers

At the end of each day, your child participates in engaging studies and activities during learning centers. Students will start each day in a “have to” center(math, science, reading, writing). When they finish their activity, they will rotate around the room to various free choice centers. Centers are a great way to individualize and differentiate instruction and allow for student inquiry. For example, in the handwriting center this week, each child was able to manipulate wooden letters to make their name.