The Cooper School Daily

4th Grade Detectives


Fourth Graders have recently started learning about fractions.  The students are exploring equivalent fractions and mixed numbers using tape diagrams and unit fractions.  We have all been a bit hungry as we compare fractions to pizza, pie, and sandwiches!  Feel free to help your children look for opportunities in daily life to discuss fractional parts and divide objects into equal parts.


Fourth Graders are becoming wonderful detectives as they enjoy reading and discussing their mystery books!  We were all shocked to find out the ending from Who Stole the Wizard of Oz?…it was a nail biter towards the end!  We are currently reading Bunnicula A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery where Harold the dog and Chester the cat are trying to figure out the mystery of the new pet bunny in the Monroe home.  Make sure to check in with your child for updates on our daily readings!!


This week, Fourth Grade scholars showcased their fantastic Self-Assessments to their parents during Student-Led Conferences. It was priceless to watch each child present their work with pride, passion, positive energy, and focus. One of the highlights from the conferences was the American Revolution children’s books written by our scholars. The students were so proud to show off all of their hard work and amazing creativity. After the conferences, students reflected upon their experience and remarked how good it felt to show their progress to their parents. Please ask your child about one thing they were particularly excited to share with you. 

Important Dates

Spring Break – March 29-April 5