The Cooper School Daily

4th Grade News


This week in math Fourth Grade wrapped up our unit on shapes. Students reviewed the different types of shapes with quadrilaterals being the primary type studied. In this unit, students learned about rays, angles, and shapes and how shapes are formed by angles of various sizes. They also now know how to classify shapes such as triangles as right, obtuse, or acute depending on the angles that form them.

Students enjoyed a fun measuring activity with fabric on Friday morning.  They had to use 3 or more pieces of fabric and create a rectangle that was 2 yards long.  They had to write down the measurements of each piece of fabric using fractions and create a number sentence.  Several students enjoyed hand sewing their fabric pieces together at the end of the activity.


In writing, our Fourth Graders are in the process of finishing their literary essays. They each chose a book and formed a thesis statement in their introduction that the contents of the essay would support. Their papers are outlined with an introduction, three paragraphs of examples supporting their claim, and a conclusion.


Fourth Grade is continuing to study the sun, moon, and stars as we discuss the phases of the moon and the various constellations. On Friday, students filled out a star worksheet that they used to map the constellations that are visible in outer space.

Important Dates:
May 30th – Memorial Day (No School)

May 31st- Favorite Color Day 

June 1st- Wacky Tacky Day

June 2nd- Pajama Day
June 3rd – Field Day/Last Day of School (11:30am Dismissal)