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5 Star Reviews

5 Star Reviews

This week first graders worked on turning their opinions into reviews. First grade reviewers were excited to get to work convincing others to try their favorite restaurant, book, toy, and so much more! Students got to watch TV commercials to help them listen to persuasive language. Our brave writers worked hard to sound out the words, write with craftsmanship, use persuasive language, and give strong reasons to support their reviews.


First graders are enjoying exploring the outback of Australia. This week students focused on the culture of Australia’s people. We learned that the Aboriginal people were the first ones to live in Australia a long time ago. We spent this week learning what the Aboriginal people looked like, celebrated, ate, and wore and how they made shelters and got around the island. Next week we’ll be learning all about what animals live in Australia!

Teen Experts

Our first graders are teen number experts! We spent this week continuing to grow our brain when we add and subtract teen numbers. We focused this week on using tens and ones cubes to help us solve tricky problems. We are so proud of our first graders!

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Important Dates:

February 14th – Valentines Day Bake Sale, Book Fair, and Bingo (1:30pm- 2:45pm)

February 19th & 20th – February Break NO SCHOOL