The Cooper School Daily

A Beautiful Week!

Full of Poetry

We’re poets and we know it! First graders have been blowing us away with their abstract thinking when it comes to writing poems. This week we focused on writing haikus. We used our heart map we created of all the things we love to help us get ideas and topics to focus on. We also worked on the importance of line breaks when writing traditional poetry. We discussed how line breaks are an important part of our poem to help us convey what is important to the reader. Ask your child to share some of their poetry with you, we are so proud of them for using their poet eyes.

Guest Author

On Wednesday first grade joined kindergarten and met the talented author Peter Cotton. Mr. Cotton read two books to us, “When Fred the Snake Got Squished and Put Back Together” and “When Fred the Snake Goes to School”. We even got to meet the famous stuffed Fred the Snake. Mr. Cotton shared with us how he created his characters and his stories with help from his family.  Thank you Mr. Cotton for sharing your wonderful books with us!


Our bright mathematicians tackled 2-digit addition within 100 this week!  They learned how to identify and regroup additional tens when adding and how to check their work with accuracy.  They stretched their mathematical thinking by applying several different strategies with partners and worked together to solve and explain their reasoning.  

Important Dates:

March 25th- April 1st – Spring Break