The Cooper School Daily

All Things Australia

Guest Speakers

This week first grade had two wonderful guest speakers! First graders got to speak to a new friend who currently lives in Australia. Ms. Kaci shared with us all the wonderful places she has visited, her favorite animals she has met, her favorite food, and how different Australia is from the U.S. Thank you Ms. Kaci for speaking with us! 

Our second guest speaker was Mr. Danny. Mr. Danny taught us all about the culture and the music of Australia. He showed us artifacts from the Aboriginal people that we got to pass around the class. He also taught us all about the didgeridoo instrument. The didgeridoo was created and called Yidaki by the Aboriginal people and the Europeans now call it a didgeridoo. Students enjoyed accompanying Mr. Danny with their own sticks and asked wonderful questions about each instrument. 

100th Day of School

First graders are one hundred days smarter! We celebrated this special day by watching our old kindergarten friends parade around the playground with their walkers, canes, and gray hair. During math we celebrated with Fruitloops. Each student gathered one hundred pieces of cereal using 10 frames and then stringed all one hundred pieces onto a necklace. It was a fun and yummy way to practice using ten frames! 

Bucket Fillers

First graders are bucket fillers! This week students completed their compliment books for each student. We have been working really hard to think of all the special things that make each friend unique. We loved writing compliments to each other and cannot wait to share them with our classmates on Valentines day!

Important dates:

February 7th – First grade attending The Scholastic book fair during school

February 14th – Valentines Day Bake Sale, Book Fair, and Bingo (1:30pm- 2:45pm)

February 19th & 20th – February Break NO SCHOOL