The Cooper School Daily

BOO, 4th Grade!

We Got Boo-ed!

The Cooper School started decorating for our Boo-ing fundraiser this week. On Monday, 1st Grade got “Boo-ed” and voted to pass the “Boo” on to 4th Grade! The students found goody bags on their desks, spider webs on the ceiling, and streamers at the door! They were so excited to trade toys and begged Miss. Julisa to sharpen their new pencils. Thank you to the parents who helped make our classroom SPOOKY! Let’s see who 4th grade votes to “Boo” next.


This week, Fourth Grade closed out the Science unit on Magnetism and Electricity. Our small electricians learned how to conduct electricity from batteries and through wires, in order to pick up magnets. Perhaps one of them will be the next Thomas Edison! The class will be thrilled to start their unit on Astronomy next week!


Our Fourth Grade authors have finally finished writing, illustrating, and binding the books they’ve been working so hard on for the past few weeks! These stories exhibit the students’ knowledge of the writing process and author’s purpose. The students were so excited to publish their Realistic Fiction stories by showcasing all of their hard work to the Kindergarten class on Tuesday. Students felt so welcomed and enjoyed playing with their buddies after reading to them.

Important dates:

October 17 & 18 – Fall Break

October 20 – Parent Coffee & Picture Day

October 31 – Halloween Carnival (1/2 Day)