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Carnival Fun, Twin Sentences, and Being the Boss of Our Bodies

Halloween Fun with Friends!

This week, festive friends had the joy of celebrating Halloween together at school! Cooper School students celebrated this special day by wearing unique costumes, playing Halloween games, and singing holiday songs with Miss Hazel and Mr. Bob! Fifth Grade students did a fabulous job creating an exciting and old-fashioned Halloween-carnival; complete with a spooky play structure, candy hunt chamber and zombie bowling! Cooper School kids always shine with their creative costumes! It was such a fun-filled and festive day!

Let Me Teach You What I Know!

This week during Writing Workshop, brave writers have been busy sharing their knowledge on topics that they know well! First Grade friends are writing books that teach! These wonderful writers know to think about the who, where, how, when and why about their topic when writing books that teach. They have worked hard to add pictures to help teach their topic. These detailed drawings are complete with arrows, words to describe and zoomed- illustrations! One strategy writers especially enjoyed was writing “twin sentences”! These special sentence pairs go together. The first sentence states a fact and the second sentence explains the first. Ask your First Grader to tell you their favorite “twin sentence” from this week!

I am the BOSS of my body!

This week, First Graders learned strategies to help them regulate their emotions. These brave scholars learned steps they can take to help identify warning signs of when they are feeling frustrated, annoyed, angry, or scared. They know to watch out for hot cheeks, pounding hearts, sweaty hands, or hot blood. First Graders know to pay close attention to these signs in their body! These feelings are a signal for them to stop, wait and reflect, thinking to themselves, “How can I solve this problem?”. First Grade friends are learning to be problem-solvers. They know that problem-solvers think of a plan and always use a calm tone instead of reacting to a problem.


Important Dates



  • Tuesday, November 7thInsect Museum Presentation 8:15-9:15
  • Wednesday, November 8th TCS Picture Day
  • November 13th & November 14th Parent Teacher Conferences, Half Days, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Monday, November 20th Harvest Feast, Half Day, 11:30 Dismissal
  • November 21st-24th Thanksgiving Break, No School