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While recently listening to a song about growing up and reflecting upon my past years of teaching, it hit me that the students that I taught during my student teaching are now in college and/or starting their careers and the students I had during my first year of teaching are now seniors in high school. Upon further reflection, I realized that the students at The Cooper School may be growing older as the years go on, however, their spirits stay young. The Cooper School allows children to stay children! That is something that we do not see in many schools today. Children are often caught up in the social media outlets and are worried about the next “big thing” that is going to hit the market. While at The Cooper School, we focus on the children interacting with each other face to face rather than by technology. We value outdoor time so that the students have the opportunity to be their true selves. So, while our kiddos are growing up, their spirits are staying young at the Cooper School, and that is something we should cherish as a community.


Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science?
Seventh graders dove into the science fair this week! They have picked their topics and selected necessary materials. The seventh graders also started researching other studies scientists have completed about their topic. They contemplated the importance not only of their topic, but how the more times an experiment is conducted with similar results, the more valid and compelling the evidence can be perceived. Next week, they will have their materials and will begin conducting their experiments. I am excited to see the results!
What’s up in Math?
This week, 7th graders began to understand what it means for an equation to have two variables, what the solutions to those two variables mean, and used these equations on a coordinate plane to understand what that means for a real-life scenario. They took a mid-unit assessment on Thursday. By the end of next week, they’ll understand what a system of equations is, how to solve them, and how to write them based on real life scenarios.

What’s happening in ELA?
This week, 7th grade writers worked hard to complete the remaining chapters of their companion books. They made thoughtful essay revisions and developed interesting chapters of their own making– from fan fiction, to symbolism break downs, to visual depictions of story elements. Companion works are now proudly displayed in our class for any student to peruse.

Next week, 7th grade will transition from grammar study to vocabulary work for the next four weeks. They will also be moving into a novel study of The Watsons Go to Birmingham and a black history related novel of their choosing. These novels will seamlessly carry us into a celebration of black history month through literature.

What’s going on in Social Studies?
Seventh graders worked towards the completion of their President Biographies. After turning in their final drafts, the students began studies for their midterm.

Students will continue their midterm studies next week, before completing their midterm next Thursday.

Important Dates:
Saturday, January 27 5:30pm-9:00pm – Family Fun Outing – Carolina Stingrays Game
February 19th & 20th- February Break