The Cooper School Daily

First Grade Fun !!!


This week, First Grade scholars took a closer look at what it means to be a good citizen. These kind friends know that a citizen is anyone who lives in our country and that to be a good citizen, you look out for each other and the world we live in! Young scholars learned about the people who lead our country, state, and town. They know that a president, governor, and mayor are all leaders who help keep people safe and make sure people follow laws.


In math, we are continuing to work on strategies to solve addition number sentences with 9 as an addend.  We are working on decomposing numbers to make 10, since 10 is an easy number to work with.  We started working on this concept by using manipulatives.  We then moved on to drawing pictures and circling 10.  Once students mastered that, we used number bonds to break the other addends into parts so that we could borrow 1 to make 10.  Students used their “windows” to demonstrate these strategies with their partners.  This is an introduction to the concept of place value, as it demonstrates the importance of 10 in our number system.  

Holiday Migrations

First Graders are studying Hanukkah for our TCS Holiday Migrations celebration.  This week, we read several stories about Hanukkah and learned about Hanukkah symbols and traditions.  We even played dreidel!  We had a guest speaker join our Google Meet to teach us about lighting the menorah and had guest readers read Hanukkah stories.  Special thanks to Lana and Steve Kleiman, Jennifer Latimer and Michael Wildstein for participating in our study of Hanukkah and for sending in Hanukkah items such as gelts, dreidels, and a menorah! 

Important Dates: 

Friday, December 18th- Pajama Day- 11:30 dismissal

December 19th- January 4th- Winter Break

Tuesday, January 5th- Students return to school!