The Cooper School Daily

Goodbye February

Sending Shine

First Grade cannot wait for you to see how much they have grown this year and share their self-assessments with you! We have spent the week finalizing all of our writing into our final draft. We are so proud of each student for using their best letter formations, 5-star illustrations, and detailed complete sentences! 

Math Review

First grade is finishing up their math unit this week! We are experts on adding and subtracting multiples of ten, knowing our tens and ones place and using greater than or less than symbols to make an expression true. We have also enjoyed learning how to show two-digit numbers in different ways, using different amounts of tens and ones. Send your mathematician some shine this weekend!

Reading Buddies

As we get ready for self-assessments, first graders have been working hard finding a book they can read fluently and with expression! We practiced reading our books with the third graders this week! Third graders were blown away with all of our amazing first grade readers! We enjoyed our buddy reading and sitting outside in the beautiful sunshine!

Important Dates:

March 4th & 5th – Self-Assessments (11:30am Dismissal)

March 13th- Cooper Clusters

March 25th- April 1st – Spring Break