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Friday 31, 2019

4th Grade Rocks!

Final Africa Project! This week, 4th Graders shared their powerful creations for our final Africa project. Their presentations included iMovies, posters and dioramas. Our scholars were given a wide range of freedom to produce meaningful […]
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Friday 24, 2019

Celebrating 4th Grade Accomplishments!

ERB Testing! Testing, Testing, 1,2,3 Students did a wonderful job with testing this week. Students took two ERB tests a day in order to display the knowledge they have learned all year. With only 4 […]
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Friday 17, 2019

Bucket List!

Conjunctions! Conjunction junction what’s your function? Combining words, phrases and clauses. Students worked on using conjunctions in their sentences this week to combine words and phrases, to contrast and to show options. 4th Graders are […]
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Friday 10, 2019

What A Wonderful Week!

Traveling to Africa with Jessica! This week, our adventurous Fourth Graders took a fantastic tour through Morocco, Ghana, and Tanzania with Mrs. Jessica Manno! She brought rugs, artifacts and sweet mint tea from their family […]
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Friday 3, 2019

Sensational Social Studies!

It’s Lizl Time! In honor of our Africa unit, Mrs. Lizl Kotz came in to speak to our 4th Grade scholars about her experience growing up in South Africa. She brought in artifacts that represented […]
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Friday 26, 2019

Action Packed Week!

Poetry Muse Presentation! This week, Fourth Graders got into the poetry groove as they put on a fantastic Poetry Muse presentation for their families. Our scholars hand selected a famous poet with whom they connected […]
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Thursday 18, 2019

Adventure Week!

            Who’s up for paddle boarding & kayaking in the Lowcountry? Fourth Grade joined Fifth Grade for our first field trip to James Island County Park for SUP and kayaking […]
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Friday 12, 2019

Amazing Africa!

Africa! This week, our Fourth Grade scholars leaped into a new social studies unit! Students have begun studying the 2nd largest continent, Africa, and its 54 countries. They labeled each country on a blank map […]
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Friday 5, 2019

Bugging Out!

Optimism is the ultimate brain food for Growth Mindset! Our scholars have been studying the science behind optimism and are currently taking this concept a step further! Fourth Graders learned how the brain works in […]
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Friday 22, 2019

The Road Not Taken! This week, our poetry centers were a hit with Fourth Graders. This is a time for students to participate in hands-on enrichment activities related to the week’s curriculum. Students were offered […]
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