The Cooper School Daily

Grateful for 4th Grade

Gratitude Writing

TCS has been working on their gratitude as we near Thanksgiving Break. We wanted our 4th Graders to think more deeply this year about what they’re thankful for because, not only is it their last year in elementary school, but for many of them this is not their first time writing these books. 4th graders started brainstorming with our gratitude tree, then they did an A-Z gratitude worksheet. Finally they started their rough drafts for their gratitude books!


Our mathematicians are finishing up their unit on multiplying fractions and mixed numbers and will be moving on to place value after the break! They will look at place value up to one million and down to the hundredths decimal place.

Cooper Clusters

Wednesday was Cooper Clusters day and a great way for students to spend some time together before the break. As usual, TCS enjoyed pizza and games and collaborating with students across grade levels before returning to their classes.

Important Dates:

November 20-24 – Thanksgiving Break

December 19 – Holiday Extravaganza (½ Day)

December 20-January 3 – Winter Break