The Cooper School Daily

Happy New Year!

First graders have really enjoyed getting back into the school routine after winter break. We have spent time reviewing procedures and routines and we have been so impressed with our first grade shining stars! We hope everyone had a wonderful break and a fun New Year. We also hope everyone was safe during Charleston’s crazy storms!

First Graders are Teen Number Experts!

First grade mathematicians have been focused on adding and subtracting using teen numbers this week. During our math lessons, first graders worked together to share and compare different strategies for solving addition and subtraction expressions.  We love seeing their amazing teamwork!

Our ‘One Word’ for 2024!

After reading the book “Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution”, first graders brainstormed goals and resolutions for the new year.   We then asked students to stretch their thinking to come up with ‘One Word’ to focus and guide their goals.  Students were asked to come up with a word that could be applied to goals both at home and at school.  We can’t wait to share their ‘One Word’ writing with you!  Be sure to ask your child about their ‘One Word’ goals!

What is a Biome?

First graders spent the week learning all about biomes! We learned what a biome is and the 6 elements that make up a biome. We enjoyed spending time in our Cooper School backyard biome and identifying all 6 elements of a biome. To end the week we will begin to create our own biome and share them with each other. Next week we will be focusing on Australian biomes and Australia’s Indigenous people. 

Important Dates:

  • January 15th – no school MLK day 
  • January 17th- Cooper Clusters (no uniform this day)