The Cooper School Daily

Happy to be Back!

We hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving break! We were so excited to greet our friends and teachers back at school this week and get back into our school routines.  This week we learned about what a community is, how to write a friendly letter, and all about teen numbers.

What is Community?

This week first graders learned all about what makes a community. We identified all of the helpers, goods, and services that make communities strong. Next week we will take a deeper look into the people and jobs that exist in our school community here at TCS.  

Sending Friendly Letters in First Grade!

First Graders are enjoying writing and learning all about friendly letters. We learned all about the 5 parts of a letter and wrote our very own friendly letters to classmates and  family members. Our super letter writers loved filling buckets by reading their friendly letters allowed to their classmates!  Next week, we will apply all we’ve learned about letter writing to our community study by writing friendly letters to TCS faculty.  We can’t wait to see what they write!

Tackling Teen Numbers!

We are loving learning all about teen numbers! Students are mastering identification of teen numbers and saying teen numbers the “say ten way” (i.e. 15 is 10, 5).  We then used what we know about groups of ten to help us solve addition and subtraction problems with teen numbers.  We love watching our mathematicians tackle tricky numbers!

Important Dates: 

December 14 – Winter Choir Concert (1:45pm)

December 15 – 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grade Movie Night

December 19 – Holiday Extravaganza (½ Day)

December 20-January 3 – Winter Break