The Cooper School Daily

Hard at Work


This week, 4th Graders started their new Reading unit on Mythology. They started by discussing different traits of characters, settings, plots, and purposes when it comes to myths. They also learned about the difference between fantasy and mythology as genres, and about the lessons or symbolism that comes out of myths. We will be covering a lot of Greek Mythology during this unit, but are also encouraging students to branch out with Egyptian, Nordic, and African Mythology as well.


4th Grade mathematicians are finally wrapping up their unit on Place Value & Decimals, and moving on to Measurement! They took their test at the end of this week and did amazing! Unit 5 will start by looking at multi-step word problems, then move into measurement and conversions. This unit can be tricky, but also lots of fun, so we’re excited to see what our students think!


This week and last, students learned about the proper use of commas, including using it in lists, in direct quotations, between dates, and in addresses. The concept of commas isn’t new to them, but the proper use might have been. The class worked together with Miss. Chayce to review each rule and put their learning into practice.

Important Dates:

January 23 – Field Trip

January 26 – Artist of the Month (8:15-9:00)

February 2- American Revolution Presentation (2:15pm)

February 19-20 – February Break (no school)