The Cooper School Daily

Holiday Traditions

First grade had a festive and fun week! We are so proud of our brave and shining first graders for doing an amazing job at their choir performance. “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” will be forever stuck in our heads! Thank you to all friends and family who came out to watch their performance. We will miss our first grade friends during winter break, but want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday from our families to yours. ❤️

Holiday Traditions!

First grade became holiday experts this week as we learned about the many different winter traditions celebrated by Cooper School families and families around the world. Students loved learning from all of our guest speakers! We learned so much about the importance and symbolism of light across many cultures and traditions. Thank you to everyone that shared their expertise with us!

First Graders Got Mail!

First graders completed their community and letter writing unit by writing letters to members of our community. Students took their time to brainstorm questions they had for each community member and then focused on the 5 important parts of a letter as they wrote and mailed their very own writing. The community loved reading their letters and writing to our students. Our kiddos were over the moon to receive their response letters. Ask your child to share their letter with you!

St Lucia Day!

For the Holiday Migration, our class became specialists on St. Lucia Day.  We discussed the symbols of light and compared them to other holidays we’ve learned about this year. Today we shared what we learned during our whole school morning meeting.  We are excited to share our expertise with the rest of the community at the Holiday Extravaganza next week!

Important Dates:

December 19 – Holiday Extravaganza 10:30-11:30 (½ Day)

December 20-January 3 – Winter Break