The Cooper School Daily

Multiplying Myths


As we wrap up our Mythology unit in Reading, we asked 4th graders what they still wanted to get out of the unit and many of them said learning more about the specific gods and goddesses. To make their wish come true, students had a fun final lesson by playing on an interactive website that taught them about each god/goddess through an adventure game where they played as the hero of the story. They had different tasks to complete and talked to many gods including Athena and Zeus!


Fourth grade mathematicians started their most anticipated unit this week, multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers. They will start by learning strategies known as partial products and partial quotients, where they split up the problem. Then, they will learn the standard algorithm for both.


As our engineers try to help the city of Ergstown find the best resource for electricity, they have started exploring the option of using wind turbines. 4th Graders sketched a diagram of how wind converts to electricity, and then they got to build their own wind turbine to test out. They weighed the pros and cons of using wind energy and are getting closer to helping Ergstown solve their electrical blackouts.

Important Dates:

March 4-5 – Self-Assessment Conferences (½ Days)

March 13 – Cooper Clusters

March 25-April 1 – Spring Break