The Cooper School Daily

New Year, Best Year


Our mathematicians picked up right where they left off with place value. Students are mastering their skills of ordering large numbers from least to greatest and vice versa. They are practicing reading data from tables and charts to help hone these skills. Students are also practicing rounding by place value.

American Revolution

We are getting closer and closer to presenting our second trimester project over the American Revolution. Historians have moved on to the final copy of their hardcover children’s book and are starting to put together a timeline of their subtopic. Their final task for this presentation will be to choose a side – patriot or loyalist – and debate their reasons for wanting to stay with or leave Great Britain.


Fourth Grade had an awesome time getting back into the routine of specials this week. In choir they picked up on some old songs from the beginning of the year and learned some new ones. We can’t wait to see what Mr. Andy has picked out for the Spring Concert! In art, they are working with Ms. Henslee to create a very special piece for their American Revolution presentation.

Important Dates:

January 15 – MLK Jr Day (No School)

January  17 – Cooper Clusters

January 23 – Field Trip

January 26 – Artist of the Month (8:15-9:00)