The Cooper School Daily

Persisting and Persevering

I could think of lots of other “p” words for this time of year – peace, patience, and puffed up (post-thanksgiving AND winter coats). In the short 2.5 weeks we have between now and Winter Break, these words are in the forefront of our brains. Our Cooper Kids continue to amaze me in their ability to maintain their strive to learn and grow. Feeling so thankful and lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful humans.


Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science?

Seventh graders learned about carrying capacity and the importance of resource availability. They modeled resource availability with beans to observe how fewer resources impacts the ability to increase populations. Seventh graders also played a predator versus prey game to observe and witness how energy moves up the food chain. They considered how contaminants, such as microplastics, can be ingested and lead to bioaccumulation. Next week, seventh graders will learn more about energy in calories and how to calculate energy found in food.

What’s up in Math?

This week, 7th graders found solutions to inequalities, understood how the distributive property of multiplication can help us solve them, and found equivalent expressions. Next week, students will learn to combine like terms, find equivalent expressions by expanding or combining expressions, and evaluate the number of solutions an equation may have.

What’s happening in ELA? 

This week, seventh grade researchers finished presenting their infographics on their topics of research. They were then challenged to dive deeper into the current debates and disputes within their research topic. Researchers were careful to identify implicit and explicit bias, track each side of an argument, and name their own possible biases in their research. 

Next week, researchers will begin compiling data on the specific side they feel is most credible. Their information on their chosen side’s argument will be distilled into another engaging and in-depth infographic. 

What’s going on in Social Studies?

This week, the seventh graders participated in a debate on if the United States should have kept the Articles of Confederation or if the Constitution was better. After the conclusion of the debate, the students were asked to reflect upon their arguments and decide if the other side changed their opinions on the topic. Students were then asked to prepare for their assessment on the unit. 

Next week, the students will dive into their new unit, Early Republic. We will start with learning about Washington’s Presidency. Students will then create an interview for George Washington and act it out with a peer. Students will then move into learning about the creation of the two party system, before creating a propaganda poster on one or the other. 

Important Dates:

December 19 – PJ Day (½ day)

December 20 – January 3 – Winter Break