The Cooper School Daily

Reflect and Reason


Students have been reflecting on the year so far, including their progress and the challenges they’ve encountered along the way. They started with math, looking back at their past tests and thinking about their favorite units to learn about. Then they moved on to Science, Social Studies, and Word Work reflections. They talked about their favorite activities from each and considered some goals they have for the rest of the year.


As a special addition to Math, 4th Grade students have been looking at Quantitative Reasoning, where they try to make sense of the question without having a set amount of information. This will help them while trying to decipher questions they may not have seen before.

Word Work

4th graders are chugging along in all things Word Work. In Grammar, they are focusing on interjections this week. They learned how to identify them in a sentence, and then worked on properly adding them into their own writing! They also started Unit 11 of Vocabulary this week, looking at words like despair, blockade, and elevate. This week they mastered identifying the synonyms and antonyms of each vocab word.

Important Dates:

March 4-5 – Self-Assessment Conferences (½ Days)

March 13 – Cooper Clusters

March 25-April 1 – Spring Break