The Cooper School Daily

Spring Break Ready!

Guess That Sound

First grade has been enjoying learning all about sounds through different experiments. We already know that sound is created through vibrations, so this week we learned how we can identify and create loud and soft sounds. Our favorite experiment was exploring with a Drop Chamber. Students were put into groups and given different materials. Students dropped each material into their Drop Chamber and learned the different sounds each material makes and labeled them a ‘soft’ or ‘loud’ sound. We know that if an object is heavy it will make a loud sound and if an object is light it will make a soft sound. 

Poetic Writers & Readers

We have been busy creating and revising poetry in first grade! We started our week off with a Ginkgo walk, where we walked around outside and gathered inspiration from nature for a poem! Later on this week we learned about the importance of using poetic writing to make our poems extra magical. Poets think outside the box and use creative words and eliminate story words to build on the magic of their poem. We are so impressed with our young poets!

Each day students end their writing block by sharing their favorite poems with the class! Some students share new poems they wrote and others share poems that they have revised using line breaks and poetic language. Sharing our poems is a great way for students to gain confidence in prep for Pass It On! We invite you to have your students write a poem and share with you over Spring Break!

Important Dates:

March 25th- April 1st – Spring Break

April 10th- Spread the Word (Middle School Writing Event)- 11:30 dismissal for whole school

April 27th- Spring Auction & Gala