The Cooper School Daily

Testimonial – Grade 1, Noah Balazs

Coming off of three years teaching in West Africa, I was worried that I would lose that spark of adventure in my profession. I even considered leaving teaching for something new. Now, three years into my time at The Cooper School, I still get excited about the next new study, the next presentation, the next “Aha!” moment from my students. How did this happen?

It’s because I found a school that is so in line with my teaching philosophy, has such a collaborative and collegial staff, and has such a supportive parent community that when I explain TCS to teacher friends from Boston they don’t really believe me. Students bounce into their classrooms with big smiles on their faces each morning, eager to learn. I am genuinely happy to come to work in the morning. How could one school have all that?
If you were to create a school, what would it look like?

What would it value? How would you get kids to be resilient, kind, curious, flexible, empathetic scholars? Where would you find teachers who can carry that culture and help a 6 year-old, an 8 year-old, or an 11 year-old to carry it themselves?
I couldn’t believe my luck when I found The Cooper School, because it is exactly the school I would make if I could make one.