The Cooper School Daily

Testimonial – Grade 4, Anne Wil Wingfield

The Cooper School has enriched my life in more ways then I could have ever imagined. Having come from a large private school in Chicago, I was unsure what to expect when I started at The Cooper School in 2010. Over the years, I have come to realize how truly lucky I am to work in a place that practices what we preach, a place filled with curious and enthusiastic teachers, and a place that I look forward to coming every single day.

Throughout my years teaching at TCS, I have had the opportunity to learn from some incredible teachers, which has helped me hone my own personal teaching craft into one that I am proud of on a daily basis. We often talk about being a community of learners at TCS. This community is one that extends from the students all the way to the teachers and administrators. This creates an excitement that one can feel just walking through the buildings, and creates a feeling of family that I think is rare in the education community. As I look around at this community, I am constantly amazed by the deep relationships formed between student and teacher, the individualized instruction, and the rigorous projects that each classroom produces.

Next year I will make the move from classroom teacher to administrator. This change comes with a mixture of emotions, but it also comes with the comfort of knowing that I will never be far from the action. As I walk through the building next year, I fully expect to be pulled into a reading group, asked for help on a math problem, tie a loose shoestring, or run a Peace Table. My role may be changing but my spot in The Cooper School family will be stronger than ever.