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The Polar Presentation!

Polar Presentation polar1

On Monday, First Graders invited family and friends into the Library for our culminating event of the Polar Regions unit: The Polar Presentation! Students brought their guests to different parts of the room to explore polar animal research, Yupik spirit masks, Inuit food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and much more! Students and guests even got to sample “Akutaq,” or Eskimo ice cream, which is made of shortening, sugar, snow, and fresh berries. It was not a kid-favorite but it was interesting to taste a traditional Arctic treat!


We had some wild weather in Charleston this week, so it was appropriate that we polar2started our Water Cycle and Weather unit in science. Students started keeping a daily journal of the weather and temperature, and explored the landforms and bodies of water on our planet. This unit will include experiments, wind socks, clouds, observation, hands-on study and more!

Social Emotional Learning

First Graders continue to explore empathy together. Empathy, or the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person, is an essential trait for children and adults alike. This week, we explored scenarios in which you may need to show some empathy.

You are playing goalie at the recess soccer game and your friend scores a beautiful goal on you and celebrates.

Your math partner puts his head down during independent work and says, “I give up on this problem.”

You come into school in the morning and there is a new student in your class. She seems nice, but also confused about what to do.

What would YOU do?

Important Dates

  • Friday, February 26 – TCS Parent Coffee Morning, 8:30-9:30am
  • Friday, March 4 – First Swim Lesson!
  • Monday and Tuesday, March 7 and 8 – Half Days, Student-Led Conferences
  • Friday, March 11 – Second Swim Lesson!
  • Friday, March 18 – Third Swim Lesson!