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Turning Negative Thoughts Into Positive Thoughts!

Turning Negative Thoughts Into Positive Thoughts! 

This week, our 4th Grade regulators practiced turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Our goal was to empower students to redirect specific negative feelings into positive thoughts. For example, scholars can sometimes feel overwhelmed with upcoming assignments or activities and express self doubt. Students came up with various sentences, which expressed both negative and positive thoughts. Positive thinking can help alleviate anticipatory anxiety and foster independent thinking. Our positive thinkers have been practicing a few different breathing techniques as well. Please ask your child about the benefits of positive thinking in their everyday lives.  

Victorious Vocabulary! 

Fourth Grade Wordsmiths love exploring and learning new words! Vocabulary Workshop gives students the chance to delve deeper into words they have known as well as learn new words. Scholars have been creating art to reflect their vocabulary words and using their words in reflective sentences. Scholars are challenged by the enriched hands on activities involving vocabulary. We encourage our students to use these words outside of structured activities. Please ask your child to demonstrate their grasp of the vocabulary words by using a few words in a dramatic sentence. 

It’s Time To Let Loose! 

Our enthusiastic students participated in an action packed drama series, hosted by a dynamic duo of actors from Charleston Stage. The actors hosted each class with boundless energy and our students loved the experience. The theme of the week focused on everyday heroes such as firefighters and nurses with the goal of teaching students that you don’t have to have superpowers to be a hero. Students engaged in voice control, follow the leader, quick repetitive physical movements and vocalizing meaningful phrases. Our classroom literally transformed into a delightful stage for all to see and hear. Please ask your child about their experience in drama. 

Important Dates: 

Tuesday, 9/24 2nd-4th Curriculum Night 5:30pm-6:30pm

Monday, 10/14 Fall Break (No School)