The Cooper School Daily

Writers Writing


4th grade poets are hard at work creating their best and most meaningful poems to showcase for Pass It On. They learned new poetic concepts of consonance, assonance, and sibilance to help structure their poems. We are so excited to see their final products come to fruition!


Our mathematicians are still working on using arrays to help them multiply multi-digit numbers and this week they’re moving on to multiplying 4-digit numbers! They’re itching to use the stacking method, but these grouping strategies are helping their brain keep the place values in order.

Social Studies

Our historians finally wrapped up Mr. Tucket for their Westward Expansion unit in Social Studies this week. After that, they got to move on to the non-fiction part of this unit, where they learned the ins and outs of Manifest Destiny, the Oregon Trail, Lewis & Clark, and so much more. To summarize their learnings, each student wrote an informational essay on a topic of their choosing and presented them to the class.

Important Dates:

March 28- 11:30 dismissal 

April 3-10 – Spring Break (No School)

April 13 – Cooper Clusters (Dress Down Day)

April 26 – Spring Choir Concert (1:45pm – 2:30pm)

May 4 – Pass It On (11:30am Dismissal)