The Cooper School Daily

Birds of Prey

Bird Crafts

Second Grade Ornithologists took time this week to continue the crafts for their bird study. In art, scholars have been creating life-like birds through paper mache crafts.  Artists took time to paint leaves in the style of their bird’s feathers with tempera paint and through needle arts. Scholars have created dioramas with authentic bird scenes based on their unique bird story.  Our presentation will feature all of these crafts and more!

Subtracting with Base Ten Blocks

This week in math, scholars used base-10 blocks to solve subtraction problems.  This method prepares scholars to learn the upcoming expand-and-trade subtraction we will be doing.  Scholars focused on exchanging base ten blocks for cubes when making trades. When subtracting, scholars utilized the “ball park” method.  When making “ball park” estimates, scholars are able to narrow down the range in which their final answer could be. For instance, 153 – 42 could be a ballpark estimate of 150 – 40.

Once A Mouse

Vocabulary words for the week are from “Once A Mouse” by Marcia Brown.  This Caldecott winning story, based on an Indian Fable, was written in 1961 but still holds a relevant meaning today. The stories main character is  a small mouse who has many predators after his life. A hermit in the jungle changes the mouse’s life when they turn the mouse into many different animals, including a cat, a dog, and a tiger.  Along the way, the mouse adopts an ungrateful attitude and suffers the consequences of forgetting where he came from.

Important Dates

May 27th No School – Memorial Day

May 30th & 31st: 11:30 Dismissal