The Cooper School Daily

Cooper Village was a Success!

The Time Has Come!

After two months of hard work everyday, Second Graders have completed Cooper Village. The process began with the learning of wants versus needs. As a class, they had to choose 8 businesses that they would build and learn how to work for in their village. During these weeks students planned, painted and built everything that was included in their project. They worked hard on every element of the project making sure they were proud of their work. Second graders were tested on their collaboration and creativity skills during this process. We are so proud of all their hard work and their final completed project!

Village Market

Second graders were also challenged to create a service or product that went along with their job within Cooper Village. If students created a service, they had to create a poster with all of the information for customers to read. If they wanted to sell a product they needed to create a poster to draw customers in, as well as use recycles to create three items to sell. Students had the opportunity to do a museum walk through the classroom to observe what other classmates are selling.

Important Dates:

March 4th and 5th: 11:30 Dismissal – Student Self-Assessment Conferences

March 13th: Cooper Clusters

March 25th- April 1st: Spring Break