The Cooper School Daily

First Week in March


Second grade students have begun our new unit all about poetry. In reading and writing students have been diving into poetry. They began by looking at Pass It On books from previous years. It is exciting to see young authors find their own poems in a published book! During the poetry unit, second graders will be both reading and writing poems. In reading, they will learn about the different ways authors write poems. During writing, they will have the opportunity to experiment with the different types of poetry they have read. At the end of the unit, students will be writing two poems for our Pass It On book and celebration.

Three Digit Addition and Subtraction

This week second graders have taken great strides in math. They have been working on three digit addition and subtraction. We began the week practicing on a number line and saw how close some three digit numbers are and sometimes math isn’t too tricky. Students have been working a lot with math manipulatives. Using ones (cubes), tens (longs), and hundreds (flats) to solve multi-step addition and subtraction problems. These are great tools for visual learners to see the addition and subtraction method.

Properties of Materials

We have begun a new science unit this week. Students are beginning to learn about different materials whether it is in science or in their daily lives. Second graders began by observing with their senses. There were four different food materials students were observing and had to take notes of what they felt and saw. Using their scientific minds they made predictions on what these materials could be. As well as learning what mixtures are and how they come about. Students will be using their scientific method skills to create a glue for the school that is very sticky. Learning how to create mixtures to be successful!

Important Dates:

March 13th: Cooper Clusters

March 25th- April 1st: Spring Break