The Cooper School Daily

Grateful for Second Grade!

Working Hard!

This week second graders began a new math unit! They are beginning to learn about number lines. They have been working so hard to learn different strategies and different ways you can create a number line. For a visual representation students were given random numbers and had to strategically place them on a number line on the board. Students had to make sure there was enough space for all the numbers to fit and to ensure the line plot was correct!

Building New Skills!

Second grade engineers learned about erosion and its effects on building infrastructure. They considered many important factors when choosing a site to build a TarPul along the riverbank. After a week of experiments, the class made a list of questions to ask our expert engineer, William Francis, over a zoom call on Thursday! How exciting!

Our Hearts are Full!

Second graders have been reading about Thanksgiving this week, getting ready for the upcoming holiday. They shared their family traditions with each other and celebrated a beloved Cooper School tradition, The Harvest Feast! They couldn’t wait to share a meal with their family and friends!

Important Dates:

Thanksgiving Break – NO SCHOOL – Nov. 20-24

Movie Night for grades 2, 3 and 4 – December 15 from 5:00-8:00