The Cooper School Daily

Joyful Second Graders!

Hard Working Second Graders!

With holiday break around the corner, our class has been working hard until the very end. Scholars have been finishing up a challenging math unit on the many ways to use the number line, celebrating the various winter celebrations around the globe, identifying words that authors use to demonstrate emotion, practicing new vocabulary and discussing how the Charleston settlers lived long ago. We still saved plenty of time for joy!

Winter Concert!

Students completed their first choir performance of the year! We are so proud of our second graders singers! They have been working hard to get ready for the big day! Students were nervous and excited for the event, but they were especially ready for their parents and family to see all the hard work they have been putting in! As well as to get everyone into the holiday spirit!

Charles Towne Landing!

Second graders took a field trip this week to Charles Towne Landing! In social studies we have been learning all about Charleston settlers, and this week they got the opportunity to see what we have been learning about! We got to see the way that the settlers lived when they arrived in Charleston many years ago!

Important Dates:

December 15th – 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade Movie Night (5:00-8:00pm)

December 19th – PJ Day

December 19th  10:30-11:30 – Holiday Extravaganza (11:30 dismissal)

December 20-January 3 – Winter Break