The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade News!

Watch us Grow!

Second graders have begun to take a look at how much they have grown this year! A very important tradition at TCS is the Self-Assessment Conference where your child will be able to show you how far they have come this year! Students have been comparing the work they did at the beginning of the year to what they are capable of now! They are so proud to see all they have accomplished!

Watch us Shine!

In SEL, we have been talking a lot about independence! Second graders had a chance to demonstrate their skills by attending the Scholastic Book Fair picking out a book that is “just right” for them and checking out on their very own! 

Cooper Village Update:

Construction is underway in Cooper Village! Students painted their milk cartons to begin building their businesses! Working together they decided the number of cartons they needed for their businesses to be successful. After painting their cartons, groups had a chance to begin choosing the materials they would use to construct their buildings. They need to decide on flooring, roofing, and what types of windows, all staying under a budget! Second graders are excited to see their village come to life!

Important Dates:

February 14 @ 1:45-2:45 Valentine’s Day Bingo, Book Fair, and Bake Sale

February 19th and 20th NO SCHOOL

March 1st @ 2:00 Cooper Village Presentation

March 4th and 5th NO SCHOOL – Student Self-Assessment Conferences