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Second Grade Poetry

Student-Led ConferencesConference

Second Graders began the week leading their own parent-student conference. Students discussed their progress with
their parents by rotating through four different centers. Brave scholars guided their parents through Math, Reading & Writing, Cooper Village and a Portfolio center. Each center focused on a rigorous skill or concept they have leaned throughout the school year. Scholars highlighted their growth, strengths, and goals they wish to continue in order to achieve mastery.


Spring is in the air, which means poetry is everywhere at TCS. Second Graders are learning to breath life into poetry.Reading Poetry They started two new poetry units this week in reading and writing. They began by discussing the unique characteristics of poetry. Students practiced identifying the tone of the poem by reading it aloud and listening to the rhythm and rhyme.


To complement reading poetry, students also began writing their own poetry. Second graders practiced looking at ordinary objects in the classroom through the eyes of a poet. These creative composers compared scissors to a butterfly, the fan to a helicopter propeller, and a tape dispenser to a coiled up snail. Students practiced putting emotion into their poetry by writing about a “small moment that created a big feeling.” Students wrote about suspenseful, humorous, and joyful moments they had recently experienced. I can’t wait to see what they continue to craft with their words.


Important Dates

Thursday, March 17th                    Study Trip JICP – Climbing Wall

Friday, March 25th                         Spring Break Begins