The Cooper School Daily

Second Grader’s “Dig” Science!


This week, students completed Unit 1 of Everyday Math. During this unit, students learned different additionclay-outside strategies such as “Turn Around Facts” and “Plus Nine”. Scholars played “Beat the Calculator”, “Addition Top-It”, and “Number Top-It.” Each of these games help students remember addition facts faster. In Unit 2, students will be challenged to create and solve number stories, work towards mastery of addition and subtraction facts, and play new games that reinforce the concepts in the lesson. 


During Reading Workshop students are diving into a study of dialogue through reading various series books. Each student has chosen a series that is just right for them and they are learning about the characters, setting, and dialogue of their chosen series. The idea of dialogue is very simple, but reading it can be complicated. In this study, students learn how to identify dialogue and begin to analyze its purpose with-in the text. Scholars transform themselves into dialogue detectives by searching for alternative ways the author uses the word “said” to express when a character is speaking. Students will also investigate punctuation to find how it is used in order to help us read with expression and understanding.  


Students had the opportunity to become geologists during a hands-on, in-school, study trip presented by Highexciting-scienceclass-picture Touch, High Tech. This program was designed to cover concepts that we have been studying in Science, and at the same time, spark student interest and fuel their imagination and curiosity.   

Students first sifted through sand to find different types of minerals.  After they sorted and grouped their minerals, they classified them according to their characteristics such as luster, color, and hardness.  To conclude the program, students were able to bring home the minerals they “mined”. 

Important Dates: 

Thursday, September 29th Curriculum Night 5:30-6:30 

Friday, October 7th 2nd Grade Publishing Party  

Monday, October 10th Fall Break – No School 

Tuesday, October 11th Fall Break – No School 

Monday, October 31st Halloween Carnival – ½ Day