The Cooper School Daily

So Much Love in Second Grade!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Second graders took some time to “shine” on their classmates! Each student received a compliment book filled with kind messages from their friends and teachers! They really took their time to think about and write individual compliments to brighten each classmate’s day! These beautiful books were passed out at the end of our Valentine’s Day celebration, where we visited the book fair, ate treats from the bake sale and won cool prizes at Bingo!

What time is it?

After perfecting the naming and drawing of 2-D and 3-D shapes, we started learning how to tell time! Second graders are loving this new skill! They love drawing the hour hand ever so slightly between two numbers to show how the hour hand continues to move with the faster minute hand. 

Cooper Village Update:

This week during construction of Cooper Village we began painting our homes. Using all different types of colors and their imaginative minds, students painted the exterior of their home. Then, second grade contractors chose different safety measures depending on which natural disaster they are zoned for. Some added earthquake bolts while others chose to build their house on stilts. Moving onto the interior, students are designing their dream house on real architect “trash” paper!

Important Dates:

February 19th and 20th NO SCHOOL

March 1st @ 2:00: Cooper Village Presentation

March 4th and 5th: 11:30 Dismissal – Student Self-Assessment Conferences