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Solar Eclipse!

The Solar Eclipse

This week second grade students got the chance to experience a solar eclipse. The solar eclipse occurred at the end of our school day and we got to experience a rare and exciting science class. It is a great opportunity to not only learn about a solar eclipse but to be able to experience the occurrence with their own eyes. Students received glasses to protect their eyes and stood outside on the playground to see the moon move in front of the sun. It was a very exciting day!

Testing our Glue

Second graders have continued with their glue testing. This week they were testing the strength of their glue mixtures. Students had four different mixtures that they were testing to see which one would be the strongest against the strength test. Second graders made their predictions and then started adding washers to the paper clip hook. We were shocked and surprised to see that household items were so strong against a lot of washers.

Equal Pairs

In math, second graders have begun a new unit of study. This unit will involve creating pairs and identifying numbers that can create equal groups. During this math study students will be using a lot of manipulatives (math tools) to create equal groups to help them solve different problems. This unit will help strengthen their math fact skills as well as help them understand equal pairs. 

Important Dates:

April 24th: Spring Choir Concert- 1:45pm @ Scottish Rite

April 27th: Spring Auction and Gala- 6pm @ Founder’s Hall (tickets available until April 12th)