The Cooper School Daily

Spooky Second Graders

We are so PROUD

At the beginning of the week our amazing second graders presented their first project of the year, the Polar Biome and Inuit Study! Students began the presentation with speeches that  went through the entire process of perfecting and creating each aspect of the presentation. We were so proud of our students for giving a speech in front of their friends and families. Afterwards, the experts took their families on a tour of all the elements of the project and showed them all the hard work they put in creating their sugar cube igloos, umiaks, snow goggles, and so much more! We are so proud of their hard work through the entire project process.

Becoming Experts

Second graders have worked so hard on writing, editing, and illustrating their nonfiction animal books. During our writing process students focused heavily on writing for an audience. Their audience are people and students that want to learn more about Arctic animals. Students have been practicing reading their nonfiction books to share with kindergarten students. The second graders will be the expert and teach their kindergarten friends about their arctic animal. They have been practicing their reading voice and how to say those expert words.

Spooky Second Graders

Second graders dressed up in their amazing Halloween costumes for school on Tuesday. They showed off their creativity and expressed themselves to all their peers. We got to be a part of the parade and walk through the backyard showing all the middle schoolers our costumes! Afterwards we had the best time at the Halloween carnival. Students had so much fun playing all the exciting activities the middle schoolers planned for them! They even got realistic looking wounds! Ouch!

Important Dates:

Half Day – Parent/Teacher Conferences – Nov. 6 & 7 (11:30 dismissal)

Harvest Festival – November 17 (11:30 dismissal) 

Thanksgiving Break – NO SCHOOL – Nov. 20 – 24