The Cooper School Daily

Spring Has Sprung in Second Grade

Addition Math Games

Second grade math skills have been growing so much this week. We have been continuing our work with three digit numbers. Students have been learning different strategies to solve different addition problems, and finding a strategy that works best for them. For continued practice, students played a card game to add two three-digit numbers together to get as close to one thousand as they could. They used both their knowledge of place value as well as addition.

Making Glue!

Second grade scientists are finally in the first stage of making glue. Students have been learning all about the design process and how experiments take a long time to find a solution. We have been testing different ingredients and making hypotheses that we will be testing out. Our first round of glue making included mixing ingredients with water using our evidence from previous stickiness tests. This is one step of many to find the perfect glue for our school.

Poetry Hunt

In writing students have been reading poetry for inspiration. Each day they were sent to find  certain writing techniques in various books of poetry. Whether it be repetition, rhyming, or rhythm students used their poetry knowledge to find different poems that show different styles of poetry writing. At the end of class, students had the chance to share with their peers different poems they had found during their hunt. Even in Pass it On books!

Important Dates:

March 25th- April 1st: Spring Break